Does it have side effects?

The treatment has no side effects as long as you follow the instructions.

How many pounds (on average) are lost per month?

You can lose 4kg to 6kg of fat and improve the muscular composition of your body. If accompanied by a balanced diet and constant physical activity, the effect is potentiated and the results are greater (up to 12 kg per month).

Is it mandatory to work out and do diets?

Strict diets are not mandatory. But it is indeed necessary to follow the nutritional recommendations of the treatment to have good results. To work out is not mandatory, but we recommend, in order to activate your metabolism, a minimum of 20 minutes of walking 3 times per week.

Can Hera Fit be taken by teens?

As long as they are under the direction of they parents.

Do you have Legal registration?

We are currently in the approval process for INVIMA registration. We have an Food and Drug Administration registry that approves the composition of the treatment.

Does it have a rebound effect?

Hera Fit does NOT generate “rebound effect”. Rebound effect happens when you over do diets that does not provide essential nutrients to your body, causing stress and inflammation in your tissues and then an imminent rebound in your weight.

What’s the best mode of use?

People with a percentage of fat greater than 25% (more than 8 kg of overweight): Your intake should be 40 to 60 minutes before the first meal of the day.
People with a fat percentage of 15% to 25%. (Between 2kg to 7kg of overweight) and people who wants to burn localized fat: Your intake should be after breakfast

Does it control eating anxiety?

Yes, thanks to the combination of its antioxidants it does. And with the proper diet you take your body and your brain 100% of essential nutrients.

Is it a fat burner?

No, it’s a metabolic accelerator. It works naturally in your body with your metabolism. Activating it and accelerating it, so you can loose weight. It eliminates localized fat and eliminates cellulite using your body’s fat reserves as energy.

For how long can I take it?

The treatment takes up to 3 months in a row, once this period is done, you need to rest for a month in order for your body to avoid tolerance to the components, so you can use Hera Fit as many times as you consider it; always leaving one month to rest your body of the intakes.