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Main functions:
· Speeds up your metabolism.
· Reduces uncontrolled appetite.
· Increases thermogenesis obtaining more energy with the fat stored in your body.
· Controls the peaks of anxiety during the day.
· Reduces measures and loss weight without strict diets and /or constant physical activity.
· Source of antioxidant preventing premature aging.


L CARNITINE: Promotes the combustion of fats, increases energy and increases resistance to muscular fatigue.
CHROME PICOLINATE: Levels glucose in the blood and helps to maintain stable the cholesterol levels in the organism
GREEN TEE: Rich in antioxidants and improves your livers health. Stimulates the metabolism and helps losing weight, in addition to being a digestive support
KOREAN GINSENG: Improves the physical and mental performance, relieves fatigue and strengthens the immune system
VITAMIN C: It’s an antioxidant that helps the immune system and regulates blood pressure
GARCINIA CAMBOGIA: Helps to burn fat, decreases appetite, eliminates lipogenesis and decreases bad cholesterol
ANHYDROUS CAFFEINE: Improves concentration, accelerates the metabolism and eliminates fatigue and physical exhaustion
MACA: Helps improving the energy efficiency and causes the increase of libido, it can be a hormonal regulator of the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus
YOHIMBE HCL: Helps to promote fat loose, increases energy and suppresses the appetite